Monday, March 17, 2014
Im aliveeeee

I thought i lost this blog for sure. But hey hey hey..... Maybe i should start writing here again.

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so, what's your point?!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
moved my blog

my love affair with blogdrive has reached its end.  i'm turning over a new leaf.

run away with me.

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so, what's your point?!?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

i first showed signs of kamaldtahan when i was only just in kindergarten.  i remember them quite vividly.

i was enrolled in a private catholic school in lipa.  my two older brothers were already in grades 5 and 3.  my mother had managed to put me in the afternoon class so it will be easier for my brothers to check on me once in a while and for the three of us to go home at the same time. 

our school bus usually arrived at around4:30 and left at 5 pm.  since i was only in kindergarten, we were let go earlier than the upper graders.  i did not wait for my brothers to pick me up, we just see each other at the parking lot then board the bus. 

one particular afternoon, after class, i wandered around the parking area and did not see my brothers.  this didn't worry me because they were sometimes held late for their volleyball practice, they were both varsities,  knowing that i had a bit of time, i walked around the school and somehow ended in the kindergarten area.  my classroom door was left open and remembering that i did not get my share of stars [they were stamped on our hands] i went in and generoulsy stamped my hands with stars.  i must have been really enjoying myself because i did not even notice that the cleaning lady had already passed by and had already locked the door.  i knew it was getting late as it was getting darker. 

i didn't panic but i walked around the classroom thinking of a way out.  at the back where the smocks were kept was a glass window that was partially broken.  i was already plotting my escape when i heard my brothers shout my name.  the two of them had been searching for me and were quite worried as the school bus was all ready  to leave. 

there i was, locked in the room.  one of my brothers called the cleaning lady and i was set free.  i remember one of my brothers asking me what happened [believe me, he was freaked out!]  and i just said:  i wanted stars.

the other incident involved a classmate and his fifth grade brother.  we were walking around the kindergarten area when we saw a coin purse corked to the door, in the LOST and FOUND section.  Stalin, the fifth grader, asked us to check it out.  inside the purse were a bunch of 25-centavo coins.  he gave us 2 each and said that we should keep it since it was just there and nobody owned it.  leah [my classmate] and i took the coins and then the 3 of us walked away.  not more than 3 steps after, i decided to return the money, i remember saying that it did not feel right.  stalin and leah kept their money. 

as we were walking away from the purse [again]  Stalin [that manipulaor!!!]  said that he'd give me 50 cents if i gave him something [i dont remember what] that i owned.  i agreed to this, thinking that I did not steal the money he was giving me.  he handed me the money, i handed him that something.  just seconds after we exchanged money and stuff, i said i did not want to do it, that he should give me my thing and he can have his money back.  there was a bit of discussion and in the end he asked me to just return the money to the purse.

so, i walked over to the purse and returned the money.  but as i was returning it, the cleaning lady emerged and saw me.  she immediately thought that i was stealing from the purse.  she said:  "Pstt. hoy ano yan?"  i said:  "Wala ho, sinosoli ko lang."

the next day, my teacher called leah and me.  she asked us why we were stealing.  i told her the whole story but she did not believe me.  leah was crying, i wasn't.  she called my mother to tell on me.

obviously, my mother was pissed.  i told her the whole story and i think in the end she believed me.

now that i, too am a teacher, i think my teacher was wrong to just assume that i stole money from the purse.  i was what, 6 years old and was easily manipulated.  she did not even ask about what happened, she just went ahead and asked me why i was stealing. 

funny, that these two incidents are still very clear to me.  maybe it's because of the fear i felt back then or maybe because it was really embarrasing. 

being a teacher, myself, makes me realize that our role in shaping children's life is so huge that a simple remark or something negative could leave a mark  that  time  could not erase.

i am not damaged or whatever but i just think that my teacher should have handled it differently.  i mean, she did not even give me a chance to air my side.

i guess in life, there will always be people like my kindergarten teacher,  people who are quick to judge and are quick to hate.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
moving out!

we're moving out! after four years of living at our house, we are forced to move.  yes, forced.  the owner of the house is giving our house to her younger son [or so she says] but i have a hunch that she just found someone who will pay much more for rent,

anyways,  we have found a place.  t's brand new and fully furnished, with a very nice kitchen counter.  it's just a bit expensive but we really don't have much of a choice now, do we?

anyways, today is the 18th and we would have to move out at the end of the month.  which only means GASTOS, what with the 1 month advance 1 month deposit rule plus the cost of a pick up truck for hauling all our stuff to the new place.  Arghh, we have a looot of stuff, i tell you.  Allan and I are going to try to put our stuff to the new house TOMORROW if we ever want to move in by the 31st.

geez, it's so hot today.  and yesterday.  and the day before that, and the days before that.  grabe.  i bet our electril bill is going to skyrocket. [closing me eyes in irritation]

for something good...  my aunt is coming to bangkok early next month.  my mom's sending me dvd's and stuff so that's really something to look forward to.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008
loving life

... i love the fact that my mom has become my bestfriend.  we chat everynight and well, uhmm gossip.  this is a major breakthrough for us because we did not have a very close relationship while i was growing up.  i guess this proves to show that it is never too late to mend broken fences.

... i love it that allan and i are still as strong as ever.  he never gives up on me and is always there even when all signs lead to doom.

... it's great that my teaching load is not as heavy as i thought it would be.  having an extra teacher did wonders to our schedule.

...i love that there are always second-chances in life.

... am glad that i am never alone.

.... i love the fact that everyday,  i feel loved.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008
hush hush

i've learned that the world has a billion secrets and that life will never cease to amaze me.

i will be joining the others who have vowed to keep something from people for as long as they could.  sure, it scares me but i'll brave myself and take the plunge.

i just hope that this is something i will not regret.

cheers, to secrets.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
stupid as f*ck

water was spilled into my laptop last friday.  i had been too devastated to blog.  they keyboard was all messep up. and there was this sound [ think fire alarm, really] everytime we started the computer.  it had been like that for three days that i just completely lost hope that i would be able to use my laptop again.  argh, stupid stupid stupid.

allan was pissed but he did so well with not yelling at me or blaming me.  but he was pissed and i could tell it.  bless him.

i did not think too much about it for fear of my blood pressure skyrocketing again.  yeah, after all these years of worrying that my blood pressure was too low, now this.  i am under medication and everything seems to be normal again.  we might drop by the hospital in a couple of days to see if my assumption is right.

yesterday, my boss asked us to go to the mountain/park then head to the famous erawan cave.  i did pretty well when we were in the mountain but almost died from climbing up the stairs on the way to the cave [okay, exag i know].  but well long story short, they went in the cave, i stayed in a gazebo and snored for like an hour an half before seeing them come back almost out of breath as well. har har.

oh oh oh!  i have the ugly betty dvd's!!! hoorah.  well even if i only have the season 2 part 1 dvd's i am not compalining.  henry is lab.

anyways, the laptop is up and running again.  after hours of blowdrying, it is doing great now.

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Friday, February 15, 2008
a pleasant surprise

it was a great day yesterday.  i did not expect any more gifts from allan [ naturally, i did not have any more after the guitar] . 

everybody was asking us what our plans were yesterday.  we did not really have any.  as i said, i wasn't expecting anything from him anymore.


after my last morning class and while inside the car, allan said that he might have forgotten his wallet at school and if i could check if the wallet is in my bag.  i did a quick peek and saw it inside so i went on to zip my bag close.  allan asked me to look again and there i saw... a card and some chocolates!!!

it is not common for allan to write me letters, no not after we got married he seldom did [ i can count with the fingers of one hand] so there in the car, i read the card and i couldn't help but cry.  so sweet talaga.

the best vday ever!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
vday one day early

allan and i gave our valentine's present one day early this year.

allan's finally got his new electric guitar [epiphone G400]

allan personally gave me a really sensual massage that is absolutely priceless [soft light, aroma therapy and some instrumental music]


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'm hungry. wahaaaaaaaaaaa. i'm on a diet. double wahaaaaaaa.

i put one over allan when after work i asked him to take me to the night market to buy dvd's,  my real intention, of course, was to shop. he he.  a few minutes later, we went home with a new pair of pants for me and zero dvd's.

i don't know what's happened but it's gotten so cold again.  or maybe it's because i was riding my motorbike instead of being comfortably sat in the car.  i hate tuesdays because it means i have to take the motorbike due to allan's and my conflicting schedules,

i'm hungry.

allan's buying his very first electric guitar tomorrow.  i know this is the end of silence as i know it but what the heck, if it makes him happy.

i'm hungry.

dee dee dum dee dum dee dum.

i'm really hungry.


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