Thursday, November 01, 2007
and now, on to our yearly blog updates [buwahaha]

it's time to break my silence [aaah, sounds so serious, ha!]


anyways, it's almost a month since i got back from melbourne.  so many things happened and i met so many people.


melbourne was not what i expected it to be, but it was really nice.  maybe the fact that allan was not with me made the trip less more fun than it could have been.  but that is not to say that i did not enjoy the trip. i did and the experience is something that i will always treasure.


one thing i did not like at all was the WALKING, and boy did we do a lot of walking.  it was unbelievable!  i have never walked that much in my entire life.


there was one time when the fire alarm went off.  everybody was dowstairs [this happened at about 4am], well yeah, everybody except, and my roomie.  they said the alarm went on for 30 minutes but my roomie and i stayed fast asleep.  allan was furious when i told him the story.  good thing the alarm was a false one, or allan would have been a widower by now.


a lot of work in the school, but well what's new? 

i got myself a new look.  the all-new-teacher kate is now sporting some hot bangs!!! ha ha.  i've always wanted to have bangs but was always afraid that it would not suit me.  i went with it anyways and i must say, i am sooo loving it.



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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
flying in a month

* tries to hide excitement, but fails, miserably*

okay, so it is final.  my boss just handed me a copy of the schedule we'll have in melbourne. 

there are bot good and not so good bits.

aside from the obvious that i will be spending time in australia and have a bit of free time to wander as well, we also get to go to different places in tours and have social gatherings in the afternoon.  classes are only in the mornings.

now for the not so good bit.

we leave on the 22nd and allan's bday is on the 23rd.  i just knew this would happen and i really did not want to miss his birthday.  i won't be able to greet him too because i'd be flying by then.


allan is sick today so he hasn't heard the news. 

:) / :(

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Friday, July 27, 2007

sino sa inyo ang nasa melbourne????


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Sunday, July 22, 2007
he he

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Sunday, July 22, 2007
lucky me

okay.  it's been quite a while since i last updated my entries.  so far, so good.  we are still very actively playing badminton after work.  what used to be an hour of playing badminton is now 2 nad a half hours or more.  yup, we've put it up a notch.  this is really a great thing because it means i ma building my stamina.  i would usually be dead beat after 20 minutes of playing but i can now pace my breathing and can endure hours of playing.

two weeks ago, allan and i were always fighting over the most trivial things.  i guess it was around that time of the month when i had pms.  the simpliest or silliest things would cause us to say mean things and shout at each other.  it came to a point where i decided to not talk at all, i was getting tired of all the bickering.

allan is someone who will get really angry one minute, then cool things off and try to patch things up the next.  but when i try to point out why he is wrong [ and fyi, he is always wrong and i am always right he he he] we both go back to square one i.e shouting and cursing all over again.

anyways, two sundays ago, i was already feeling really sad about the whole fighting thing.  after work, he said he wanted to take me to makro to buy the paper cupcake holders i've been meaning to buy since april.  i was silent the whole time.  we were quiet most of the trip, but right before we reached the u-turn that would take us to makro, he swerved left and went to the church.  it was really touching.  we have not gone to church since january [ we simply don't have the time as my last class finishes at 6pm and mass ends at 6:15pm]

we both got off the car and he reached for my hand.  we were both very silent. 

i said my prayers.  i asked God to please grant whatever my husband asks for.  whatever those may be, i hope he gets what he's prayed for.

he stood up before i did and waited for me outside.  i followed, still feeling a bit sad.

then he said:

"Smile na, bati na tyo ha."

I smiled.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007
undefeated, baby!

he he.  i know that we are no match agaisnt the good players in the place where we play badminton so after much prodding and begging, out filipino co-teachers finally caved in and played with us last monday.  that was the second week that we played and they somehow seem to be as hooked as we are now. 

allan and i were undefeated.  yeah!!!

will play again tonight.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007
blue moon

blue moon kagabi. someone said that when the blue moon is up and you are with the opposite sex, then that person is bound to be with you forever. he he. kaya kagabi i did not let allan out of my sight.

happy sunday today.  i got rid of my 3-5 cass and am now free from 1pm onwards. hoorah!

holiday tomorrow and we were thinking of going to bangkok but it's so expensive and tiring.  maybe we'll just head to khon kaen.

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Friday, June 29, 2007
rally woes

it's happened.  i looked like a totally drenched fool while playing badminton.  the couple we first played with already went back to bangkok.  and as promised, allan and i played with the other local couples.  not only did we lose, we were so tired i am surprised i am still alive today.  okay, that is an exaggeration.  but it was one tough game.

after that terrible match, i told allan that it would be best if we played with each other for a while, to practice more and to help build more stamina.  but last night, as we were sparring with our friends, i had the need to go to the loo.  and whaddyaknow, my pants had a huge [as in fist size] hole in the inner thigh part.  i was appalled!  i did not even know it was there and had i not gone to pee, i would have never known and half of the male population in udon would have seen my lovely thighs, ha ha.

allan played doubles with another group while i was stuck watching a thai soap opera.

we're still playing tonight but i want to play with some other pair cause the one we are stuck with is killing us with drop shots and there is just no fun in that [ in other words, we lose all the time]

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

we played our first match ever last saturday at badminton practice.  it was not in my plans to play with other people simply because i feared that i was not ready.  but the owner of the place, a very nce guy, would not let us take a rain check.  he originally wanted allan and me to join him and another player for a gme but i kept trying to bail out.  i did not really fancy having to look like a totally drenched fool playing with good players.  i told him that i promise to play with them next week if he let allan and me play this week, just the two of us and not in a group.

he did leave us alone for a few minutes only to come back and tell us that he found a couple who were also beginners.  i reluctantly agreed to play with them.

allan and i were team mates and we played against a couple who were just in udon for a week.  allan and i won!  horaah!

they weren't expecting allan and i to win because we pretty much kept to ourselves all the time.

it was loads of fun that we scheduled a match yesterday.  we all met at 6:30 and finished playing at 9pm. whew!  talk about tired. i was paired with the guy and allan played with the woman.  my team won! horaay!!!

it's just a shame that they are going back to bangkok tomorrow and then we have to brave it and play with the better players.  i know this will do us more good than harm but it's still a bit terrifying.

will let you know what happens next.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

i really think that something is terribly wrong with me.

i might have ADD or something.

or maybe i am just plain loonie.


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