Entry: sad day Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my first entry in 2008 and a sad one at that.

earlier this afternoon, we sent mom and pop to the airport.  their stay with us is offiially over. 

i was kinda proud of myself when i managed to keep my eyes dry at the airport.  all was well, too until we arrived home.  the sight of our now empty house drove me to tears.  darn, i couldn't help it.  i could barely say a word save for the: " ang lungkot....ang lungkot-lungkot..."

my hubby [bless him] just hugged me and kissed me.  when i looked at him i saw tears din, naku it made me cry more.  i must;ve had cried for hours,  my eyes are still fluffy.

when i was finally okay, i called my mom and pop [they are staying with hapon in bangkok]. nakuuuu, i cried all over again.  my mom kept trying to calm me down but i think she cried too kase she just handed the phone to my pop.  nakakainis talaga, i am such a cry baby.

hay.  i really miss them.  now it's just allan and me in this big house.  i'll miss seeing mom cook, i'll miss all my pop's corny jokes.  i just want them to stay here.

buti na lang talaga allan is here.




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