Entry: they've gone back Wednesday, February 06, 2008

my mom and dad are now back in pinas.  after almost 2 months here in thailand they're both back in lipa.


gosh i miss them so much.  lalo na my mom.  she stayed with me for a month and almost a month din with kuya.  when they were with kuya in bangkok, i would phone for like 3 million times per day.  we talked about everything and gossiped about other people [he he sama ng ugali].

allan and i were in bangkok yesterday. i wanted to be there naman to say bye.  afternoon pa lang i was already asking myself if i was gonna cry again like i did when they left udon.  i thought i wouldn't na kase mom and i were together the whole day shopping.  kwento kwento, tawa tawa and then mega shopping talaga.


allan and i had to leave early kse we already bought tickets going back to udon.  when it was time to say goodbye, i did not really feel like crying until i hugged and kissed my dad goodbye.  it was so hard to let go of the hug.  i kissed him 2 or three times and said: "wag kayong mag-aaway ha!"  i could see that my dad was really trying hard to fight back the tears.  then i went and hugged mom and kissed her.  ayan, hagulgol queen na naman ako.  my mom cried too while si kuya pang-asar tumawa.


i just really miss my mom, my dad too.  kahit nga ngayon na i'm just recounting what happened yesterday, naiiyak na naman ako.


i just hope that i was able to give them a good time.  when i was younger my mom and i used to fight over the silliest things.  pero ngayon, we just talk like bestfriends.  and i kind of like the idea that my mom shares everything with me, no secrets. 


i really miss her and kahit na i know that saying this a million times over just won't take away the sadness, i can't help but say it and cry.


hay.it's not fair.  i want them here with us.


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