Entry: starved Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'm hungry. wahaaaaaaaaaaa. i'm on a diet. double wahaaaaaaa.

i put one over allan when after work i asked him to take me to the night market to buy dvd's,  my real intention, of course, was to shop. he he.  a few minutes later, we went home with a new pair of pants for me and zero dvd's.

i don't know what's happened but it's gotten so cold again.  or maybe it's because i was riding my motorbike instead of being comfortably sat in the car.  i hate tuesdays because it means i have to take the motorbike due to allan's and my conflicting schedules,

i'm hungry.

allan's buying his very first electric guitar tomorrow.  i know this is the end of silence as i know it but what the heck, if it makes him happy.

i'm hungry.

dee dee dum dee dum dee dum.

i'm really hungry.



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