Entry: a pleasant surprise Friday, February 15, 2008

it was a great day yesterday.  i did not expect any more gifts from allan [ naturally, i did not have any more after the guitar] . 

everybody was asking us what our plans were yesterday.  we did not really have any.  as i said, i wasn't expecting anything from him anymore.


after my last morning class and while inside the car, allan said that he might have forgotten his wallet at school and if i could check if the wallet is in my bag.  i did a quick peek and saw it inside so i went on to zip my bag close.  allan asked me to look again and there i saw... a card and some chocolates!!!

it is not common for allan to write me letters, no not after we got married he seldom did [ i can count with the fingers of one hand] so there in the car, i read the card and i couldn't help but cry.  so sweet talaga.

the best vday ever!


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