Entry: stupid as f*ck Tuesday, February 26, 2008

water was spilled into my laptop last friday.  i had been too devastated to blog.  they keyboard was all messep up. and there was this sound [ think fire alarm, really] everytime we started the computer.  it had been like that for three days that i just completely lost hope that i would be able to use my laptop again.  argh, stupid stupid stupid.

allan was pissed but he did so well with not yelling at me or blaming me.  but he was pissed and i could tell it.  bless him.

i did not think too much about it for fear of my blood pressure skyrocketing again.  yeah, after all these years of worrying that my blood pressure was too low, now this.  i am under medication and everything seems to be normal again.  we might drop by the hospital in a couple of days to see if my assumption is right.

yesterday, my boss asked us to go to the mountain/park then head to the famous erawan cave.  i did pretty well when we were in the mountain but almost died from climbing up the stairs on the way to the cave [okay, exag i know].  but well long story short, they went in the cave, i stayed in a gazebo and snored for like an hour an half before seeing them come back almost out of breath as well. har har.

oh oh oh!  i have the ugly betty dvd's!!! hoorah.  well even if i only have the season 2 part 1 dvd's i am not compalining.  henry is lab.

anyways, the laptop is up and running again.  after hours of blowdrying, it is doing great now.


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